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Compliance of Private Lying-in Clinics as Perceived by Midwives.


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College of Midwifery - University of Bohol

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Journal Article, Original
University of Bohol Multidisciplinary Research Journal
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September 2017


Private Lying-in clinic is a primary level health care facility for low-risk childbearing women and having normal status during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. In Bohol province, most Lying-in clinics are owned and managed by private practicing registered midwives. Compliance in this study pertains to the capacity of the private Lying-in clinics as to facilities, equipment, and personnel. This study aimed to assess the personal and professional profiles of the respondents, compliance status of clinic managers and clinic staff to the DOH licensing and Phil Health Requirements based on the seven areas under study in the operation and management of private Lying- in clinics. The researcher formulated survey questions adapted from DOH and Assessment Checklist for licensing birthing facilities. The respondents of the study were clinic managers and staff of the eleven private Lying-in clinics in Bohol which were managed by midwives. The study made use of quantitative normative survey, and the responses were analyzed through frequency, percentile and weighted mean and Scheffe's test. Results showed that all clinic managers and clinic staff were registered midwives, trained and were excellent in complying the requirements in the operation and management of private Lying -in clinics. The outcome of this study may serve as the basis for review of the accreditation requirements of primary level health care facility for administration.


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