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Strategic management intervention on the organization design of Highway of Holiness Ministries International, Nairobi-Kenya, East Africa.


Godfrey  Kalibbala,
Asonita J. Parmisana

Related Institution

Graduate School - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Doctor of Organization Development and Transformat
Publication Date
April 2016


   The purpose of the study was to assess, analyze and evaluate the effect of the strategic Management Intervention on the Organization Design of Highway of Holiness Ministries International, Nairobi-Kenya. The study was descriptive and comparative in nature.

   An organizational diagnosis was done in order to establish the existing problems using a self-administered questionnaire and streams analysis and SWOT analysis done to strengthen the diagnosis. The study conducted an assessment of the organization design problems to establish the status before and after the planned interventions using a questionnaire administered to 32 staff and leaders of Highway of Holiness Ministries International.

   The results of the study revealed that there was significant improvement in all the three areas of OD intervention: Vision, Mission and goals overall mean score increased from 2.85 to 4.37, a difference of 1.37; and with a t-value of 10.99 and P-value of 0.000 at alpha level 0.05, the change was confirmed to be significant. The Structure, roles and accountabilities overall mean score increased from 2.63 to 3.53, a difference of 0.89; and with a t-value of 13.82 and p-value of 0.000 at alpha level 0.05, the change was proved to be significant. The Policies and procedures overall mean score increased from 2.34 to 3.79, a difference of 1.45; and with a t-value of 13.28 and a P-value of 0.000 at alpha level 0.05 it was concluded that the change was significant.

   The frequency of the responses in terms of agree and disagree between the pre and post intervention data provided further intriguing and interesting results. In terms of Vision, Mission and Goals, the pre intervention assessment results indicated that 17% of the responses agreed while 31% disagreed. This changed tremendously after the intervention where 90% agreed while only 0.5% disagreed; structure, roles and accountabilities changed from 4% agree and 35% disagree for the pre intervention assessment to 50% agree and only 11% disagree for the post intervention assessment. The policy and procedures pre intervention assessment was 0% agree and 59% disagree. These roses to 43% agree and only 7% disagree for the post intervention assessment. Overall, in qualitative terms, the rating of the Vision, mission and goals improved from fair to very good while the structure, roles and accountabilities; and Policies and procedures improved from fair to good.


   The strategic management intervention carried out had a positive impact on the organizational design of Highway of Holiness Ministries international. The interventions led to development of clear Vision, Mission and goals of the ministry; creating a sense of shared vision, ownership and commitment. The interventions further led to establishment of a clear organizational structure with clear roles and accountabilities; and Job descriptions. This has led to clear chain of command, effective supervision and reporting. In addition, the intervention led to development and documentation of key policies. The finance, procurement and approval policy have contributed to improved efficiency and effectiveness of the ministry while the human resources policy has improved the work conditions and environment for staff.

   Whereas the interventions successfully impacted the organizational design of the ministry, it is easy to slide back. The researcher therefore recommends that the leadership institutes periodical assess to establish compliance to what has been instituted and corresponding actions to ensure that the gains of the interventions are strengthened and sustained until they becomes a culture.


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