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Larvicidal potential of Euphorba tirucalli (Pobreng kahoy) against Aedes mosquito larvae.


Divya Reddy Komatla,
Navaneeth Sojan,
Elvira A. Arong

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
June 2017


The study was conducted to determine the larvicidal potential of Euphorbia tirucalli stem extract on the Aedes mosquito larvae. A total of 420 Aedes larvae were used in the study. There were twenty one (21) replicates per group. There were  two  Experimental groups subjected to 25% and 50% concentration of Euphorbia tirucallis tem extract and two Control groups-Positive control (Antimos) and Negative control (Distilled water). Five larvae were introduced in each plastic container. The set ups were checked every twenty (20) minutes until one (1) hour. A stop watch was used to note down the duration of the time. The number of dead larvae were counted and recorded in the tabulated data sheet.

Among the groups, the Positive control (Antimos) and Experimental group with concentration of 25% and 50% of Euphorbia stem extract, showed the maximum effect with 100% mortality while the Negative Control (Distilled water) showed 0% mortality.

In conclusion both the extract (25% and 50%) of Euphorbia tirucalli stem were very effective on the larvae. The researchers would like to recommend the following - Study the larvicidal effect of Euphorbia tirucalli stem extract on different pests apart from mosquitoes. Study different method of extraction. Study the larvicidal effect of different sources of Euphorbia tirucalli other than stem. Study the larvicidal effects of different Euphorbia species apart from Euporbia tirucalli.


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