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Effects of leachate from car tires and food wastes on the root growth and root number of Alllium cepa.


Lady Patrice  N. Abarquez,
Princess Diana Jhane C. Alimoren,
Kalyka Antoni L. Carcel,
Joyce P. Martinez,
Celinette L. Padillo,
Mary Grace  G. Villaflor

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
September 2017


          Water pollutants are divided into organic and inorganic components. To demonstrate the effects of these components, food wastes and car tires were used. The researchers conducted this experimental study with the purpose of determining the effects of car tire and food waste leachates on the root growth and root number of Allium cepa. The car tire was left to leach in distilled water for thirty (30) days and the food waste for seven (7) days. Distilled water was then used as a negative control. The Allium cepa bulbs were allowed to grow for a total of ten (10) days. The root growth and root number were measured to assess effects of the water leachates.

          A sample of six replicates were taken from the experimental and control groups. The mean and standard deviation of the root number for car tire, food leftover, and distilled water group were 8.50±11.28, 4.00±3.69, and 4.67±3.20, respectively. Also, the mean and standard deviation of the root length for car tire, food leftover, and distilled water group were, 3.73±2.24, 2.67±1.71, and 1.78±1.16, respectively. One-Way Anova showed that there was no significant difference in the square root of root length and number among the experimental and control groups at 0.05 level of significance, F = 2.058, p > 0.05 and F = 0.555, p > 0.05. The inhibition of the root growth of the Allium cepa bulbs was not sufficient enough and new roots continued to emerge along the course of the experiment.

            The researchers concluded that the car tire and food waste leachates showed minimal effects but not enough to be considered as significant. The recommendations of the study is for future researchers to use other independent variables such as leachates from paint cans, rubber slippers, and plastic bags. Also, to lengthen the amount of time allotted for them to leach.


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