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Perceived level of social support and its influence on loneliness among senior high school students of Cebu Doctors' University.


Adelita F. Chua,
Mary Charmaine J. Hernandez,
Jose Carme P. Balicoco

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College of Arts and Sciences - Psychology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
April 2017


The study aimed to determine the perceived level of social support and its influence on loneliness among senior high school students of Cebu Doctors' University. The study utilized the descriptive correlational survey method. Two instruments were used to measure the variables namely, Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) and Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale (RULS). The frequency distribution and Pearson (r) Correlation Coefficient were utilized to establish their relationship.

The findings of the study were majority of the respondents had a strong perception of social support which meant that the respondents felt that they have a supportive, caring, and trustworthy network of family, friends, and significant others. Ninety - five point five percent (95.5%) of the respondents had strong perceived social support. On the other hand, minority of the respondents got a weak perception of social support. The researchers also found out that most of the students tend to rely on friends than their family. Based on the findings majority of the respondents had low level of loneliness which meant that social support influences the level of loneliness. Fifty - three point eight percent (53.8%) of the respondents had a low level of loneliness. It found out that these two (2) variables were significantly related. There is a strong positive correlation between these variables (r = 0.582; p < 0.00).

Based on the findings, the following conclusions are made. Strong perceived level of social support is dominant among the respondents therefore respondents also have low level of loneliness towards family, friends, and significant others. Perceived social support has an influence to student loneliness.


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