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Access to health care facilities and health-seeking behavior among rural residents of Lower Busay, Cebu City: Basis for enhancement of basic health services.


Danise Britchelle C. Ngujo,
Jan Patrick C. Go,
Gleziel Ann Marie F. Inot,
John Brian C. Leguera,
Jason Arnold T. Pepito,
Jaisa Cristel T. Ramayla,
Antonette Kaye M. Santos,
Angela G. Perez

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
August 2016


The study aimed to determine the relationship between access to health care facilities and health-seeking behavior among the rural residents living in Lower Busay, Cebu City. The study utilized a descriptive correlational design. There were 148 respondents who were selected through stratified random sampling. The study utilized two research tools; a researcher-made tool entitled "Access to Health Care Questionnaire-Short Version" adapted from an original tool by Castillo (2016) and the "Health Seeking Behavior Scale" adapted by Sepe, et al (2004). Both tools composed of twenty (20) questions. The highest possible score for both tools is 100 and the lowest possible score is 20.

The following were the findings of the study; the profile of the respondents in terms of age, 13 or 8.8% were adolescents (ages 12-20), 80 (51.4%) were young adults (ages 21-45), 46 (31.1%) were middle adults (ages 46-65), and 9 (6.1%) were late adults (ages 65 and up), for gender, 55 (37.2%) were males and 93 (62.8%) were females, for educational attainment, elementary level made up of 29.1% (43 respondents), 50% (74 respondents) for high school level and 20.9% (31 respondents) for college level. When it comes to annual family income 34 (22.97%) have very low income, 21 (14.8%) have low income, 52 (35.13%) have middle income, 32 (21.62%) have high income and 9 (6.08%) have very high income, when it comes to distance to health care facility it was taken by counting the average number of steps in accordance to distance, from each sitio using a tally counter. Based on a standardized measure of distance, Sitio Mahayahay is 2395.1 meters and its very close to the health center, Sitio Lower is 2310.8 meters and close in distance, Sitio Jarden de Busay is 2573.3 meters and halfway, Sitio Kalubihan is 2519.9 meters and far, while Sitio Otak's distance is 3338.3 meters and considered to be very far. The mean score for the access to health care facilites is 52 interpreted as moderate, while the mean score for the health-seeking behavior was 61 interpreted as moderate too. At 1% level of significance, there is a significant relationship between access to health care facilities and health-seeking behavior of the residents in Lower Busay.

There was a significant relationship between access to health care facilities and health-seeking behavior of the residents in Lower Busay (r=0.267, p=0.01). Brochure was made and disseminated based on the result of the study, information was disseminated regarding the importance of access to health care facilities in order to improve health-seeking behavior of the individuals.


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1. Correlation between fear of contracting covid-19 and health-seeking behavior among residents ofbarangay Guadalupe, Cebu City: Basis for information dissemination.

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