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Relationship between postural risk factors towards the level of postural risk among janitorial staff from Carvel General and Service: A basis for proper body mechanics awareness.


Fairlean T. Bajarias,
John Paul P. Canono,
Wilfredo  B. Flores Jr.,
Adrian C. Hombrebueno II,
Kevin Ian M. Ocio,
Kristel Joy A. Reas,
Silverlyn Marie C. Sabandal

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
November 2016


The study aimed to investigate if there are any relationship between the postural risk factors and the level of postural risk among janitorial staff. The respondents of the study were the CARVEL general trade and services of Cebudoc Group of Hospitals and University. The study was conducted at Mactan Doctors' Hospital, South General Hospital, North General Hospital and Cebu Doctors' Hospital, Cebu Doctors' University and Dormitory. The respondents were given a form for their general profile during the orientation, REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) was done by taking photos of the respondents while doing their given task, BMI was taken by using their height and weight using a weighing scale and tape measure as the tools to obtain the measurements. A descriptive Correlational survey was used to determine the relationship between the risk factors and the level of postural risk. A total of 128 janitors were able to complete the questionnaire and the assessment tool given.

The respondents were then categorized in terms of age (late adolescence: 36.7% early adulthood: 33.6%, middle adulthood: 29.7%), gender (female: 16.4%, Male: 83.6%), Body Mass Index (underweight: 12.5%, normal: 75%, overweight: 9.4%, obese: 3.1%), handedness (left-handed: 18%, right-handed: 82%), length of service (new: 32.8%, old: 67.2%), and the level of postural risk (low: 10.9%, medium: 53.1 %, high: 25.8%, very high: 10.2%). All the risk factors were found not significant in relation to the level of postural risk (p>0.05): age (p=0.188), gender (p=0.922), Body Mass Index (p=0.981), handedness (p=0.716), length of service (p=0.204).

Based on the clinical analysis of the data gathered from the 128 respondents, the study showed no significant relationship between the postural risk factors and level of postural risk among janitorial staff. Conclusion could not be stated by the researchers due to some limitations of the study. The researchers would like to recommend, a seminar or a customized pamphlet about proper body mechanics that will be given to the respondents to inform them about the different risks that can affect their posture in their line of work. For future studies another assessment tool is recommended to clarify the factor that can affect the postural risk. Additional set of factors must also be included that may contribute in affecting the level of postural risk. The future researchers should be able to know other aspects that may help a person to decrease or lessen any risk of complications that involves any postural matter.


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