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Effects of dynamic stretching rest duration on hamstring flexibility, running speed, and power among male CDU track and field athletes with tight hamstrings.


Dannika Anne B. Ocampo,
Mary Adeline P. Paculanang,
Abegail C. Quiboyen,
Gerrec A. Regino,
Marie Albertine B. Tago,
Cheryl D'Andria

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2017


The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of rest duration during dynamic stretching on hamstring flexibility, running speed, and power. This study was conducted in the Cebu Doctors' University (CDU) shed. The subjects included 20 male CDU track and field athletes with tight hamstrings. Four (4) treatment groups were used, dividing the subjects between no rest, 10-seconds rest, 30-second rest and 5-minute rest groups. The study utilized a randomized, pre-test-post-test design. The outcome measures used were the sit-and-reach test, 20-meter running time, and standing long jump.

The results showed a significant improvement of all treatment groups in hamstring flexibility after the dynamic stretching program. The no rest group presented with a mean of 4.43 cm (p=0.03), the 10-second rest group with 6.71 cm (p=0.014), the 30-second rest group with 7.00 cm (p=0.01), and the 5-minute rest group with 4.79 cm (p=0.014). The highest mean difference was noted in both the 10-second rest and 30-second rest groups. On the other hand, all four (4) treatment groups did not have a significant effect in running time. The no rest group had a p-value of 0.470, the 10-second group with 0.760, the 30-second group with 0.230, and the 5-minute group with 0.818. For power, only the 30-second rest duration group demonstrated statistically significant (p=0.043) improvement post-treatment. Results of post-treatment comparison between groups did not present with any significant differences in any of the three variables (p=>0.05). Dynamic stretching increased hamstring flexibility of all four treatment groups as determined by increased sit and reach measurements regardless of rest duration used. The use of rest duration in dynamic stretching did not affect its effects on speed. As for power, only the 30-second rest group had an effect as it presented with an increase. The use of rest duration in between dynamic stretching exercises does not differently affect its effects on hamstring flexibility, speed, and power.

The researchers recommend the use of dynamic stretching exercise with rest to track and field athletes with tight hamstrings for the improvement of hamstring flexibility. Inclusion of rest in between dynamic stretching to avoid muscle fatigue, and sustain the effects of the stretch in improving hamstring flexibility, running speed and power which can be used by other athletes other than track and field. The use of a minimal rest duration to be applied in the Physical Therapy practice for an effective yet time efficient dynamic stretching protocol as the duration of rest does not affect the outcome.


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