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The relationship between video gaming and the daily caloric intake of junior high school students at Fervent Academy, Pagsabungan, Mandaue City.


Joshua David B. Bendoy,
Alyanna Jeane B. Companion,
Budget L. Sulit

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Nutrition and Dietetics
Publication Date
March 2016


     This study aimed to determine the relationship between video gaming and the daily caloric intake of Junior high school students at Fervent Academy, Pagsabungan, Mandaue City. The outcome of this study determined the correlation between frequency and duration of gaming and caloric intake. This study utilized the descriptive-correlation method. The process involved the data analysis of the input through the use of Spearman rho correlation coefficient.

     Among the 50 junior high school students, 1(2%) were eleven years old, 4(8%) were twelve years old, 10(20%) were thirteen, 16(32%) were fourteen, 10(20%) were fifteen, 7(14%) were sixteen and only 2(4%) were seventeen years old. The majority of the juniors were males (54%) while the females consist of 46%. When the respondents were asked as to how many times they play games in a week, 10(20%) answered once a week only, 9(18%) answered twice a week, 13(26%) plays thrice a week, 2(4%) plays five times a week and 16(32%) plays everyday. Spearman rho coefficient showed that frequency of gaming and daily calorie intake were not significantly correlated (rs= 0.272, p= 0.056) and the duration of gaming was also not significantly correlated with the daily calorie intake (rs= 0.189, p= 0.190).

     In conclusion, there was no significant relationship when the caloric intake of the respondents was linked to their frequency and duration of playing video games due to the fact that there are a lot of factors that contribute to the daily caloric intake of an individual such as physical activity, stress, body weight and underlying diseases/conditions. The number of respondents and time frame of the implementation of the study also matters, there were only 50 respondents and the gathering of data was done in only 3 days. Thus, basing from other related literature; the more respondents and the longer the implementation, the higher probability of getting the optimal or accepted p value. The researchers would like to recommend that the junior high school students of Fervent Academy will be able to manage their time in playing videos games, manage time for school works and will also know what kind of food to eat as well as the recommended energy intake for their age. The parents ought to educate their children to spend time in other physical activities. In the interest of future studies, the researchers would like to recommend that the future researchers will look into other aspects in the demographic characteristics and other factors the affects the daily caloric intake such as physical activity and stress. The future researchers will also make use of greater number of respondents to make the study more generalizable. Future researchers may also consider selecting a specific video game to study.


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