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Awareness and health seeking behavior towards dengue among mothers of a selected barangay in Cebu City: A basis for information dissemination.


Rhea Mel F. Capuno,
Alexa Eddy C. Carvajal,
Jamyla Jeihla D. Codilla,
Caira Loisse R. Colonia,
Zack Albert M. Congson,
Nicole Mae F. Cumayas,
Adrianne Pearl B. Dublin,
Ricarmela C. Dupal-ag,
Rachelle  A. Bihag

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
August 2016


This study aimed to determine the awareness and health seeking behavior towards dengue among mothers of a selected barangay in Cebu City. The study involved 359 randomly selected respondents from Barangay Lahug. The researchers selected the respondents using disproportionate stratified random sampling from each forty-five (45) sitios. The research instruments that were utilized in this study were the Modified Dengue Awareness Questionnaire adapted from the Dengue Awareness tool by Labrague and Yboa (2013), and the Modified Health Seeking Behavior Questionnaire adapted from the study of Bahrami, Atashbahar, Shokohifar and Montazeralfara (2014).

In terms of profile, the findings had shown that majority of the respondents were young adults (91.9%), attained high school level (49.9%), and are employed (62.1%). The annual income is moderate (National Statistics Office, 2003) ranging from 60,000 to 99,999. Most of the children had not experienced dengue (92.2%). The median score for the level of awareness towards dengue is 36.0 and was also interpreted was high. While the health seeking behavior had a median score of 80.0 and was also interpreted as high. Spearman correlation was carried out and revealed that there was no significant relationship between awareness and health seeking behavior towards dengue, rs = 0.096, p = 0.069.

Based on the findings, there was no significant relationship between awareness and health seeking behavior towards dengue among mothers of a selected barangay in Cebu City. Information dissemination regarding dengue is important to improve the health seeking behavior of the individuals in barangay Lahug towards the disease.


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