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Cultural leadership, compliance effectiveness, and information management practices at Tagbilaran Community Hospital Corporation: Proposed sustainability program for total quality care.


Iris I. Gonzales,
Jennilyn C. Corvera

Related Institution

Graduate School - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Hospital Administration
Publication Date
April 2016


   The primary intent of this research was to determine the levels of cultural leadership, compliance effectiveness, and information management practices among administrators and healthcare associates working in Tagbilaran Community Hospital Corporation, a PhilHealth-accredited Center for Excellence hospital.  The study included all one hundred thirty-seven (137) hospital employees. Comprising managers and heads from various departments and offices. The hospital administrators supplied the data for the variable Cultural Leadership in order to represent the perspective of the leader or manager. Other  staffthat comprised the majority of the respondents were nurses, midwives, doctors, and ancillary personnel.

   A researcher made tool was used in the study, which has four parts. The demographic profile, the level of cultural leadership of the administrators, compliance effectiveness and information management practices of the employees.The tool was pilot tested to verify validity and reliability. The realibily of the tool is excellent as to the result of Cronbach's alpha for the whole instrument was 0.957.

   The researcher personally supervised the distribution of the research instruments and was around to address queries and gray areas concerning the successful completion of the research questionnaires. The questionnaires were retrieved and were tallied.

   Statistical analysis showed that the level of cultural leadership of administrators was average as perceived by the healthcare associates while administrators felt their cultural leadership to be high. The level of compliance effectiveness and information management practices were found to be high in both healthcare associates and administrators. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that a sustainability program from total quality care was to be implemented with the primary goal of meeting the standards of care and maintaining the Center for Excellence status of Tagbilaran Community Hospital Corporation.



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