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Multi-loculated intracardiac myxoma in a fourteen year old male: a case report .


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Department of Pediatric Cardiology - Philippine Heart Center


This is the case of a 14 year old male who was referred to our institution for evaluation and management of a cardiac mass. 4 years prior to consult, patient had constitutional symptoms of fever and cough, managed as a case of upper respiratory tract infections. 2 years PTA, he had chest pain and loss of consciousness. 2D Echo showed left ventricular mass. Managed as a case of bacterial endocarditis. 6 months PTA, patient had left sided weakness, hemianopsia and headache. Patient was treated as cerebrovascular accident. Patient was then referred to Philippine Heart Center for evaluation of cardiac mass. On physical examination, patient was ambulatory, not in distress. There was grade 2/6 regurgitant systolic murmur heard best at the apex. 2D Echo showed large echo dense mass occupying the left ventricle extending to the left atrium producing mitral regurgitation. Chest x-ray showed normal heart size. ECG done with normal result.  The patient underwent surgical excision of cardiac mass. Intraoperative findings showed tan-red and tan gray mass in the left atrium and left ventricle. Pathology report loosely distributed stellate cells embedded in a predominantly myxoid stroma . Patient was then discharged improved after the 4th postoperative day.

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Philippine Heart Center Medical Library CR.005.09 Abstract (Download)

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