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Degree of disability associated with low back pain and its impact on work performance among selected public elementary school teachers in Cebu City: A basis for OT intervention program.


Jann Maxine C. Burdador,
Bo Faye Sheena T. Castro,
Xenia Clarice T. Marte,
Troy P. Arinque

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Occupational Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
March 2017


     This study aimed to find out the degree of disability caused by low back pain and its impact on work performance among public elementary school teachers in Cebu City. A descriptive correlational method was used to gather data and by the use of 2 research instruments namely: The Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), which measures the degree of disability of low back pain and Teachers Work Performance Questionnaire in Relation to Low Back Pain (TWPQ), a researchers' made tool that measures the teachers' work performance. The study was done in Cebu City, wherein six public elementary schools were chosen namely: Banilad Elementary School, Barrio Luz Elementary School, Lahug Elementary School, Mabolo Elementary School, Talamban Elementary School, Tejero Elementary School. A total of 198 selected public elementary school teachers were able to participate in the study.

     Out of 198 respondents, 172 indicated that they had experienced minimal disability with the percentage of 86.9% and twenty-six (26) for moderate disability as rated with 13.1%. The results have shown that majority of the respondents have either outstanding work performance (46% or 91 of 198) or exceeds expectations work performance (35.4% or 70 of 198). The rest of the respondents were spread out to meets expectations (8.1% or 16 of 198), below expectations (5.1% or 10 of 198) and unsatisfactory (5.6 % 11 of 198) work performance. The significant relationship between low back pain and work performance is shown to be rs = -0.203 (p=0.004). This means that degree of disability caused by low back pain and work performance have weak negative relationship, indicated that when the degree of disability decreases, then the work performance increases. Similarly, as the disability increases, then the work performance tends to increase.

     To conclude, the degree of disability associated with low back pain had an impact on the work performance of the teachers. Because of the results of the study, the researchers were able to come up with an OT Intervention Program, which is specially planned for the teachers. The program contains specific OT intervention strategies for minimal disability, moderate disability and for the work performance of the teachers.


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