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The larvicidal effect of used ground coffee (Coffea) on Aedes mosquito larvae.


Sieham M. Bakrie,
Crystel Anne A. Turbiso,
Pimlapas Wianwatthana,
Mary Grace  G. Villaflor

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
September 2017


This study was conducted to determine the larvicidal potential of ground coffee on fourth instar mosquito larvae of the genus Aedes using the concentration of 1% and 5%. The study was also aimed to determine the significant difference of percent mortality of Aedes larvae among experimental and control groups. The positive control was Baygon with the concentration of 1% and 5% while the negative control was distilled water. Five mosquito larvae were used in 5 replicates for 7 trials with a total of 175 larvae during implementation. The study used completely randomized design (CRD) and was performed in Cebu Doctors' University Research Laboratory. The data were processed using IBM SPSS version 22. 

The study results showed a mean mortality of 43% (42.86±21.38) and 63% (62.86±13.80) for the use of ground coffee, 1% and 5 %, respectively. Both positive control which were 1% and 5% Baygon had showed 100% mortalities. While the negative control which was distilled water showed 17% (17.4±18.0), for this reason it was used in the comparison with ground coffee instead. The larvicidal effect was possibly due to the acidic compounds of caffeine. The data was correspondent to previous related studies that conducted with ground coffee as well. 

Although the positive control showed 100% mortality compared to ground coffee which was 63%, it has been suggested that ground coffee was potent at 5% concentration and it might be more effective with a higher concentration. Furthermore, it is recommended to try to experiment with higher concentration and other type of ground coffee to observe different effects on certain concentrations. Moreover, other genus and species of mosquitoes rather than Aedes were also recommended for observation.


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