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Survey of possible breeding sites for Aedes aegypti in top three barangays in Mandaue City with high incidence of dengue in 2014: Basis of information drive to community residents.


James Christopher V. Alia,
Kimee Cyrill O. Auza,
Maria Odessa R. Eslet,
Natasha Enya S. Luchow,
Allen Claire C. Parado,
Mary Grace  G. Villaflor

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2015


         The aim of the study was to identify or determine the possible breeding sites of Aedes aegypti in top three barangays in Mandaue City based on the incidence and prevalence of dengue. The nature of the study was of a quantitative descriptive design. The study was conducted in the top three barangays of Mandaue City with high incidence of dengue in 2014. The barangays were Banilad, Tipolo and Canduman.

        In the identification of the top three barangays, a letter was made to request the head of the Mandaue City Health Office to allow the researchers to see the statistical records of the barangays which had the high incidence of dengue. A letter was also sent to the Mayor's Office of Mandaue City to allow the researchers to conduct an ocular survey in the identified barangays with high incidence of dengue in preparation for the study. In gathering the data, an ocular survey was done in the top three barangays with high incidence of dengue in 2014 to determine the number of possible breeding sites of mosquito Aedes aegypti. This included the natural breeding sites such as natural pools or ponds, rain-filled cavities in trees, bamboo internodes, leaf-axils of plants; and the artificial breeding sites such as tires, damaged appliances, cans, trash cans, pails or buckets, painting trays, toys, wells, tanks, cisterns, barrels, jars, buckets, plant pots and dishes, plastics pools, animal drinking pan, leaking, water meter, and broken or unsealed septic tanks. The results were then used in order to know what solutions should be applied.

         The findings of the study showed that the discarded old tires had the highest frequency in the three barangays while the jars, stainless pans, cans, discarded plastic boots, discarded parts of appliances, and discarded plates were the breeding sites that had the lowest frequency. The information drive to community residents was conducted after the ocular survey to lessen the occurrence of dengue, and gave them knowledge on the prevention of it. In the interest of forthcoming studies, we, the researcher would want to recommend determining the type of mosquito in particular breeding site and we would like to suggest surveying a wider size of the area so that the entire Mandaue City will be extensively surveyed.


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