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Identification of common ectoparasite present in cats and dogs in Barangay Mantuyong and Barangay Guizo Mandaue City: Basis for responsible pet ownership.



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College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

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Thesis Degree
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April 2016


     This study was conducted to identify the common ectoparasite present in cats and dogs in Barangay Mantuyong and Barangay Guizo Mandaue City: Basis for responsible pet ownership. Descriptive analysis, a quantitative method of the research was utilized. The objectives of the study is to determine the different species and relative abundance of ectoparasites present on cats and dogs and propose a basis for responsible pet ownership.

     Forty (40) cats and forty (40) dogs were examined in the area of Barangay Mantuyong and Barangay Guizo was infested with one or more ectoparasites species. In dogs, Ctenophalides canis was the most prevalent species whereas R. sanguineus was the second most common species (18.54%) followed by D. variabilis the most common ticks on dogs with a prevalence of (12.16%) and lastly the H. spiniger with (0.61%). In cats, Ctenophalides felis was the most common species, C. canis was the second most common species (11.32%) followed by P. irritans (8.3%). No ticks were found on cats during this study. Ectoparasites from pets cannot live on humans; species of ectoparasites will die within an hour on the host's body. If pets have an ectoparasites, pet owner should consult their pet to a veterinarian.

     In view of the findings the different ectoparasites represent a common health and welfare problems of cats and dogs in Barangay Mantuyong and Barangay Guizo Mandaue City. Therefore, one must be responsible morally, legally and with mental accountability to a domestic animal where they maintain complete control and mastery over pampering, spoiling and treating their pet with unusual kindness and consideration.


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