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Assessment of respiratory symptoms and spirometric profile among selected taxi drivers in Cebu City: Basis for pulmonary rehabilitation education program.


Kimberly Cañete,
Franklin Adrian Detosil,
Loise Verdalyn Lecciones,
Jose Randolf Sino Cruz,
Vanessa Taylor,
Alyzza Jan Templado,
Kimberly Rose D. Tero

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Respiratory Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Respiratory Therapy
Publication Date
October 2015


     The objective of the research study was to assess the respiratory symptoms and spirometric profile among selected taxi drivers in Cebu City and develop a pulmonary rehabilitation education program for the respondents. A total of fifty (50) taxi drivers were selected through stratified random sampling proportionate to the population size. The study utilized the Saint George Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ), which was validated by Ferrer M. using the Chronbach Alpha reliability testing with a score of 94%, to evaluate the respiratory symptoms among the taxi drivers. A spirometer named WinspiroPRO was also used in determining the spirometric profile along with the severity level and pulmonary impairment.

     As obtained by using the Saint George's Respiratory Questionnaire, majority of the respondents manifested cough (70%), sputum production (64%), breathlessness (54%), and wheezing (26%) in the past three (3) months. Based on the taxi drivers' spirometric profile, majority had normal results, yet the researchers were able to identify nine (9) respondents with Obstructive Pulmonary problem whose respiratory lung profile, specifically FEV1, showed a  decreased result. Nine (9) respondents with identified obstructive pulmonary problem was categorized based on the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (GOLD) standards: one (1) under mild with an FEV1 ≥ 80%, six (6) under moderate with a FEV1 50-79%, one (1) under severe with a FEV1 30-49%, and one (1) under very severe with a FEV1 <30%. In terms of significant frequency of respiratory symptoms among the levels of spirometric profile; Mild obstructive defect showed presence of breathlessness with cough as their respiratory symptom while taxi drivers with moderate, severe and very severe obstructive defect, manifested all the respiratory symptoms except wheezing. In totality, the higher the severity the more respiratory symptoms are present.

     Based on the gathered information and findings, taxi drivers who showed obstructive defect on their spirometry and manifested all respiratory symptoms make a perfect candidates for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Education Program. The program was conducted to educate the respondents for them to be knowledgeable enough about the disease and especially its management. The program includes discussions on exercise training, disease education, and sychosocial/behavioral components. It came to a conclusion that the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Education Seminar was indeed a great help to the taxi drivers after conducting a follow-up interview about the respondents' feedback and their present situation. In the interest of future studies, the researchers would allow this data to be used as a baseline in formulating a new study and would highly recommend the broadening of this study by means of considering other communities aside from Cebu City with different respondents and population such as bus drivers or the commuters, research design and instruments.


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