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The effect of bone meal fertilizer on the yield of Phaseolus radiatus.


Asefa Gail V. Granados,
Tiffany Joy M. Ochoa,
Angelica Marie P. Pino,
Ernestine A. Villamor,
Ma. Lourdes Umlas

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2016


          The research performed was the effect of bone meal fertilizer on the yield of Phaseolus radiatus. The objective of this study was to check if there was a significant difference in yield when mung beans were treated with bone meal fertilizer. This experiment used four different groups to compare the yield between one another. The groups were a no treatment group, a group treated with inorganic fertilizer, a group treated with bone meal fertilizer, and a group treated with both inorganic and bone meal fertilizer. Each group contained one hundred (100) plants and was grown in a span of two months at Silver Hills Subdivision Talamban, Cebu City. Each seed was individually planted in its own pot and treated with the aforementioned treatments based on its group. 

          After the two-month time period, the researchers found that the inorganic fertilizer group produced the largest amount of yield compared to the other groups. The no treatment group had the second largest followed by the bone meal treatment group. According to statistical data, there was little to no significant difference between the inorganic fertilizer group and the no treatment group. There was only a slight difference with the bone meal fertilizer group. All seeds had a similar weight but it was evident in the findings that the response of the plant to bone meal fertilizer was significantly lower than its response to inorganic fertilizer and no treatment.

          Based on these findings the researchers believed that bone meal fertilizer is an effective fertilizer but not as effective as inorganic fertilizer. However further studies with a longer period of time should be conducted to test if bone meal is an effective fertilizer and show that its results are as comparable as to inorganic fertilizer. Future researchers should try using different plants as well that is not as resilient as Phaseolus radiatus, like tomatoes or corn. Another variation could be using the bones of other animals like chickens since this study used solely fish bones. Future  researchers can also perform this experiment in a more controlled environment like a green house to minimize environmental disturbances in the experiment. By performing different methods the future researchers may be able to further validate the findings in this study. 


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