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A comparative study on brush-on and leave-on techniques of the effect of mashed strawberry on the tooth shade of maxillary canines.


Felix T. Asoy I,
Joseph Anthony T. Baring,
Rendikka P. Chua,
Alana R. Espidang,
Danica Airra M. Gualdrapa,
Therese Mae  L. Macias,
Elirose Marie O. Mativo,
Al Emmarie B. Rodrigo,
Kinley Maynard A. Suobiron,
Sung Hwan Yoon,
Jocera L. Managbanag

Related Institution

College of Dentistry - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2016


This study sought to determine the comparison between brush-on and leave-on techniques of mashed strawberry on the tooth shade of maxillary canines. This study utilized sixteen participants who were dental students enrolled in Cebu Doctors' University - College of Dentistry A.Y. 2015-2016 and qualified in the inclusion criteria. The experiment was conducted in the Periodontics-Endodontics and Prosthodontics Laboratory of Cebu Doctors' University Dental Infirmary. Both brush-on and leave-on techniques used the VITAPAN shade guide to determine the shades of the teeth before and after using mashed strawberry.

Based on the Nonparametric Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test the results were presented: In leave-on technique group, there was a significant median tooth shade score difference between pre-treatment and post-treatment of tooth nos.13 and 23, the change of tooth shade was from A3.5, which is dark yellow to A2, which is light yellow after treatment. In the brush-on technique group, there was a significant median tooth shade score difference between pre-treatment and post-treatment of tooth nos.13 and 23; the change was from A3.5, which is dark yellow to A2, which is light yellow after treatment.

Both the brush-on and leave-on techniques of mashed strawberry have yielded the same results that effectively lighten the tooth shade of maxillary canines from A3.5 or dark yellow to A2 or light yellow, but based on the frequency results, the brush-on technique has produced greater respondents who yielded A2 or light yellow and it had lesser application time which was two minutes while leave-on technique had an application time of five minutes. It is recommended for the future researchers that they use the results of this study as a reference in conducting future studies. Also, the researchers recommend that they alter the days of interval into every other day of application instead of three to four days interval to determine if it will produce better results. They can also further their study into determining the length of the effect of the mashed strawberries on the tooth shade before it darkens again. For the beneficiaries, that they will be informed of more convenient and cost-effective alternative methods of whitening, such as brush-on and leave-on techniques of mashed strawberry application, and providing them the knowledge of the results of this study.


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