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The impact of kyphosis on the physical function of bike cab drivers among selected subdivisions in Lapu-Lapu City.


Aldrin John C. Lanticse,
Gessel O. Noguera,
Ralph Jay R. Regis,
Camille Eunice R. Relliquete,
Shiela Marie D. Vergara,
Maria Alma J. Suico

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2016


     The study was conducted to determine the impact of Kyphosis on the Physical Function of Bike Cab Drivers among selected subdivisions in Lapu-Lapu City. The researchers utilized a descriptive correlational design to determine the relationship between the degree of kyphosis and the physical function of bike cab drivers among selected subdivisions in Lapu-Lapu City. The locale of the study was conducted in the Multipurpose Area of Camella Homes, Lapu-Lapu City. The locale was chosen as to the accessibility and convenience of both the researchers and respondents. A total of 143 bike cab drivers residing within Lapu-Lapu City who are all males with age ranging from 18-60 years old, with more than a year of experience as a bike cab driver participated in the study. For the assessment of kyphosis and physical function of the respondents, this study utilized the Occiput-Wall Distance and the Modified SF-36 Questionnaire.

     Majority of the respondents had moderate degree of kyphosis with a percentage of 49.7 and minority had a severe degree of kyphosis with a percentage of 4.9 However, out of 143 respondents, majority of the respondents reported a percentage of 80.4 indicating a high level of physical function while on the other hand, minority of the respondents reported moderate level of physical function with a percentage of 19.5.The study showed that there was no significant relationship between kyphosis and physical function among bike cab drivers having a simple linear regression value of R2=0.046, p=0.010 < α = 0.05.

     Therefore, there was no significant impact or correlation between kyphotic posture and level of physical function among bike cab drivers. However, the researchers would still want to recommend the organization of seminars by the Physical Therapy Educators on Postural Defects and Awareness of Proper Body Mechanics. Although kyphosis may not have an influence on physical function, it causes musculoskeletal symptoms. With this, it can benefit the respondents for they can gain knowledge regarding proper posture. For future studies, the researchers would like to recommend a research study about musculoskeletal symptoms experienced by bike cab drivers such as back pain, discomfort and awkward posture. Research studies that will compare the impact of kyphosis on physical functioning among different related respondents such as truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, or tricycle drivers would also be beneficial. Future research studies formulating interventions or effective therapeutic exercises will also be beneficial for it may help minimize harmful consequences of kyphosis among bike cab drivers.


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