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Influence of the level of independence and quality of life on the disaster preparedness of persons with disabilities in selected barangays in Cebu City.


Rexlyn A. Albarracin,
Marie Christine D. Papas,
Kimberly T. Perez,
Mary June S. Posadas,
Mikee Marie D. Regis,
Lean Mario Paulo V. Miranda

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2016


This study aimed to determine the influence of the level of independence and quality of life on the disaster preparedness of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in selected barangays of Cebu City. Three (3) types of disabilities were included in the study:  the orthopedic, visual, and hearing or speech types. It was conducted at the sports complex of the selected barangays namely: Guadalupe, Tisa and San Nicholas. The stratified random sampling was used in the selection of the respondents. Out of the population of 335 PWDs, 185 were orthopedic, 71 were visually impaired, and 79 have hearing or speech disability. Four (4) research instruments were utilized which included three (3) Modified Functional Status Questionnaires and a researcher-formulated questionnaire.


The results revealed that in the level of independence, there were 125 (67.6%) orthopedic, 37 (52.1%) visual and 39 (49.4%) hearing or speech respondents who were completely independent. However, 60 (32.4%), 34 (47.9%) and 40 (50.6%), respectively,were dependent. In the quality of life, 129 (69.7%) respondents with orthopedic disability, 47 (66.2%) with visual disability and 43 (54.4%) with hearing or speech disability have good quality of life. The remaining 56 (30.0%), 24 (33.8%) and 36 (45.6%), respectively, have poor quality of life. The disaster preparedness was determined and results showed that 129 (69.7%) orthopedic, 52 (73.2%) visual and 51 (64.6%) hearing or speech respondents were fully prepared. The remaining 50 (30.3%), 19 (26.8%) and 28 (35.4%), respectively, were not prepared. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to determine the relationship among variables. For level of independence on disaster preparedness, there was a positive yet very weak correlation (Pearson's r= 0.195, p-value= 0.008, r2=3.80%) among orthopedic type of disability. A strong positive correlation for the visual disability (Pearson's r=0.621, p-value= 0.000 and r2=38.6%). Whereas a weak correlation was found (Pearson's r=0.383, p-value=0.000 and r2=14.7%) in the hearing or speech disability. For the Quality of life on the disaster preparednessfor the orthopedic type of disability, there was a weak correlation (Pearson's r=0.079, p-value=0.284, r2=0.62%). The same indication was found for the visual type of disability, Pearson's r=0.178, p-value=0.138, r2=3.17% as well as for thehearing and speech disability (Pearson's r=0.331, p-value=0.003,r2=11%).


  The researchers conclude that the level of independence and quality of life has an influence on the disaster preparedness of PWDs. This result would prompt the rehabilitation team particularly the Physical Therapists in promoting interventions to improve the functional mobility of the PWDs. This would also guide organizations and LGUs to pursue ways to cater to the safety and welfare of PWDs. Lastly, this paper would suggest future investigation regarding the factors that could have other possible effects on the variables of this study.



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