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Correlational study on the level of knowledge, perception and utilization of physical therapy services among the residents of Barangay Pakna-an, Mandaue City: A basis for information dissemination program.


April Danielle Y. De la Cerna,
Niña Christine A. Panebio,
Ken  Romulo,
Lew Vykka C. Suico,
Jamie Anjelie I. Yamba,
Chyrel R. Gallego

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2016


     Physical Therapy (PT) provides services to patients and clients to restore, develop and maintain maximum movement and functional ability throughout lifespan. Although PT has an important role to play in the community, it seems to have a lack of clear identity with the public who demonstrate limited understanding of the scope of the profession. This study was conducted to determine the Level of Knowledge, Perception and Utilization of Physical Therapy services among the residents of Barangay Paknaan, Mandaue City. The researchers utilized a descriptive correlational design to determine the relationship between the level of knowledge, perception and utilization that will serve as a basis for information dissemination program. The study was conducted in barangay Pakna-an, Mandaue City with a total of 350 participants. A modified tool was utilized for the assessment of the respondents' level of knowledge, perception and utilization towards physical therapy services.

     Majority of the respondents had moderate level of knowledge with a percentage of 46% while only 22% of the respondents had a high level of knowledge. The level of perception that predominates among the residents was close to equal percentage in terms of positive and negative attitude, wherein positive has a percentage of 51% and negative with a percentage of 49%. Lastly, for the level of utilization, majority reported a low level of utilization wherein it consists of 83% of the respondents while on the other hand, only 2% showed a high level of utilization. Relationship between knowledge and perception showed a significant relationship (p-value, 0.00 ≤ α, 5%) and has a weak direct relationship (r= 0.231). Also, between knowledge and perception showed a significant relationship (p-value, 0.04 ≤ α, 5%) and still has a weak direct relationship (r=0.153). Finally, between perception and knowledge showed no significant relationship (p-value, 0.143 ≤ α, 5%).

    Therefore, there was a weak direct relationship on knowledge towards perception and utilization while there is no significant correlation between perception and utilization. Based his findings, the researchers would want to recommend that the respondents be informed of the benefits and purpose of physical therapy services. They could be given orientation or seminars that can help them broaden their insight of physical therapy. Physical therapy practitioners could use this study as a basis to promote and advocate the profession through information dissemination program. Services offered by the Rehabilitation Centers around their area could be endorsed to the residents especially those individuals with disability and impairment.


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