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Embracing parenthood: The lived experiences of teenage fathers in selected barangays in Mandaue City, Cebu.


Benzor Shem R. Vidal,
Sabrina B. Singh,
Matthew Jan K. Tan,
Stephanie Marie S. Tandoc,
Debra L. Tumamak,
Justine Marie B. Vallega,
Freddy  M. Velasquez,
Kyzell Kae M. Villamor,
Amber Asia T. Winrock,
Agnes Marie F. Austero

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
September 2015


The study being conducted aimed to explore the lived experiences of teenage fathers currently residing in various barangays of Mandaue City which include Tipolo, Guizo, Maguikay and Subangdaku. 7 informants, ranging from ages 16-21, were found using the snowball sampling technique which depended on referrals from residents of the barangays. The informants were interviewed using a semi-structured design which had a set list of questions but allowed freedom for the interviewers to ask follow up questions based on the informants responses. The researchers then returned three times for follow up interviews to validate data obtained and reach data saturation. The method of data analysis used was Max van Manen's (1990, as cited in Magrini, 2012) which included three steps or stages: 1) gathering of life experience material, 2) analysis or focusing and identifying essential themes from the collected data, and 3) practical application which ideas to improve theoretical practice is done.

Guided by Max Van Manen's components of phenomenology, the study yielded (4) essential themes, namely, (1) The Child as a Financial Liability, which focuses on the financial needs of the family and the fathers desire to meet these needs, with the subthemes "A Hole in the Wallet," "The Need for a Decent Job," and "Now as the breadwinner"; (2) Fatherly Involvement, which centers on how the fathers provide guidance and care to their child holistically, with the subthemes "To Love and Care" and "A Guide to Lead You But Not to be Followed"; (3) A Touch From The Former Family, which emphasizes on the impact and support of the former family to the teenage father, with the subthemes "The Need to be Accepted," "Returning the Favor" and "Former Family as a Reinforcement"; and (4) The Worthwhileness of Having a Child, which highlights on the positive aspects of being a teenage father despite all the difficulties and problems experienced by the teenage father, with the subthemes "Unconditional Bliss," "My Inspiration," and "Reflection of Self." The findings shed light on the experiences of a teenage father and the significance of it to members of the community.

In order to provide a clear picture of the lived experiences of the teenage fathers in Mandaue city, themes must be interpreted as a whole rather than in parts. The researchers have found that becoming a father at such a young age had its obvious hardships and struggles ranging from finances, employment, family support and child upbringing. Despite all the hardships and barriers, the teenage fathers did their absolute best to provide for their child and family. By finding immediate employment and some continuing education, they were beating the stereotype which previously had been thought that teenage fathers aren't involved in the lives of their children. Recommendations for future research in order to better prepare the teenagers for fatherhood would be including not only the mother, but the father as well in availability of services and resources. Including the fathers in parenting classes and skills classes such as feeding, bathing, diaper change and other parenting skills that fatherhood demands could prove a drastic difference in preparedness than those fathers who didn't receive any help at all.


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