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The Efficacy of coenzyme Q10 therapy in alleviating myopathic pain of statin induced myopathy.


Rochelle Regina T. Cruz,
Louella  Santos

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Cardiovascular Institute - Cardinal Santos Medical Center

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Book of Abstracts
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CSMC Research Abstract Compendium


BACKGROUND: Statins are used for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The widespread use of statin therapy has seen the rising incidence of a known side effect, statin myopathy. This can lead to discontinuation of statins in individuals at high risk for development of cardiovascular disease. The mechanism of statin myopathy is not completely understood but one prevalent thought is the depletion of CoQ10 during HMG-CoA inhibition. Myocyte concentrations of CoQ10 have not consistently decreased with statin treatment in clinical trials and therefore a direct association between decreased CoQ10 and the development of statin myopathy has not been conclusively proven.   

OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of CoQ10 supplementation on the alleviation of myalgia caused by statins with the use of Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) compared to placebo.  

METHODS: Pubmed, Medline, and Cochrane databases were searched to identify relevant trials. Included trials were randomized controlled trials (RCT) involving patients with statin induced myopathy, primary outcome of decreasing myopathic pain comparing CoQ10 versus placebo. Data was extracted and encoded using Review Manager 5.2   

RESULTS: At one month of therapy, there is no observed statistical difference between CoQ10 and placebo in decreasing myopathic pain (mean difference -0.08cm CI - 0.80 to 0.65, p value 0.84, I2 = 0%). After three months, a statistically significant decrease in myopathic pain was seen in patients on CoQ10 with a mean difference of -0.68cm (CI -1.37 to 0.01, I2 = 77%).   

CONCLUSION: CoQ10 supplementation showed statistically significant decrease in myopathic pain at three months of supplementation. However, combining the three trials showed a significant result on the test for heterogeneity. 

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