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Ethnobotanical survey and nutritional composition of Ficus pseudopalma Blanco (Moraceae).


Librado A. Santiago,
Anna Beatriz R. Mayor,
Joshua  B. Arimado

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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development - Department of Science and Technology

Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences - University of Santo Tomas

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Journal Article, Original
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Critical Assessment of the Free Radical Scavenging and Chemopreventive Properties of Ficus pseudopal
Philippine Science Letters
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Ficus pseudopalma is an endemic medicinal plant with great ethnobotanical applications. Aside from being an  ornamental plant, it is also being consumed as food and medicine. However, there are no data yet on its nutritional composition that supports its nutritional significance and utilization in the healthcare industry. For that reason, this study was conducted to provide essential information regarding the plant's health benefits, as well as to evaluate its current traditional use. A local survey was conducted in Baao, Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines that involved 51 respondents who are residents of the place and who are familiar with the plant. Powdered leaves of F. pseudopalma were subjected to chemical analysis in the Food and Nutrition Research Institute-Department of Science and Technology. The results of the survey showed that leaf decoction was most popularly used as medication for the treatment of high blood pressure, urinary  problems, diabetes, high cholesterol and other medical conditions. High values of dietary fiber (46.3%) and total carbohydrates (51.0%), and minimal mineral content were recorded from the powdered leaves of F. pseudopalma. These data strongly suggest that the powdered dried leaf may be used as an indigenous ingredient in various healthy high-fiber-enriched, nutritious recipes and menus, and/or dietary functional foods and energy drinks.


1. Ragasa, C. Y., Tsai, P. , Shen, C. C.. "Terpenoids and Sterols from theEndemic and Endangered Philippine Trees, Ficus pseudopalma and Ficus ulmifolia" Philippine Journal of Science 138(2): 205- 209, 2009-2009
2. Poblete, A. . University of Santo TomasThe Ethnobotany of Bambusa and Schizostachyumamong Aetas in Orion, Bataan: MSc thesis. Manila. 1999. (MS) 1999

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