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Health care waste management practices among funeral homes in Mandaue City: Basis of awareness to health hazards.


Tina C. Vercueil,
Amiel Anthony P. Ansale,
Mary Janica Q. Co,
Ezra Lloyd Ace D. Cuizona,
Elizalde Nerio J. Nagsuban Jr.,
Thessa Vee C. Rio,
Ma. Lourdes Umlas

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2015


      The purpose of this research is to identify the understanding and practices in each of the selected Funeral Homes in Mandaue City concerning the Health Care Waste Management Practices and the Basis of Awareness to Health Hazards. A researcher-made questionnaire is used as the tool for gathering data. The documented respondents were the St. Anne Funeral Homes, Cebu Rolling Hills and Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes. In each funeral home, a corresponding number of respondents were interviewed, only being allowed to interview 2 to 3(maximum) respondents from each.

      A total of 8 respondents were able to partake in the study. Funeral home A had an average score of 23 out of 30 in the questionnaire. Funeral Home B had an average score of 26 out of 30. Funeral home C had attained an average score of 25.3 out of 30.

    Based on the answers of the respondents, the following statements of the conclusion were made: (1) The respondents are aware of the health hazards. (2) The respondents follow the proper standard of dealing with the waste to the standards of the DOH most of the time.The researchers would like to recommend the following: (1) Always wear the personal protection equipment when entering or dealing with hazardous products. (2)Throw the waste accordingly. (3) Continue following the standards that are implemented by the DOH towards their establishment. (4) Follow the latest standards implemented by the DOH.


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