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Heterotopic solid-psuedopapillary tumor of the retroperitoneum.


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Philippine Heart Center Journal
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January-December 2003


Solid-pseudopapillary tumor (SPT) of the pancreas is an uncommon but a distinctive neoplasm commonly occurring in young women. It has been reported under various terms such as adenocarcinoma of childhood, denarcinoma, papillary epithelial neoplasm, and papillary cystic tumor but has been designated as solidpseudopapillary tumors in the current edition of the WHO classification of tumors of the exocrine pancreas. They are often characterized by its idolent behavior and low malignant potential. Very few cases have mentioned recurrencesnd distant metastasis. These tumors are often asymptomatic or associated with non-specific abdominal symptoms. About 500 cases have been reported in worldwide literature but very rarely that it has been described outside of the pancreas. tornoczky et al1 described 6 cases of extrapancreatic SPT's. Or case is that of 17 year old female who has undergone exploratory laparotomy due to a gradually enlarging, no-tender abdominal mass diagnosed by CT-scan as hepatic hemangioma. A referral to our institution was done where hpatobiliary radionuclide scan and aortagram, celiac and superior mesenteric angiogram confirmed initial findings of hepatic hemangioma. Intraopratively, the mass was seen at the retropetrineum at the right infrahepatic area, pushing the duodenum and was distinct from pancreas. Grossly, the mass was a large well encapsulated tumor with unicular cyst with trabeculations on cut sections. Microscopic sections show tumor cells arranged in solid sheets and pseudopapillary formations. Immunohistochemical evaluation was done consisting of NSE, Cytokeratin, Vimetin Alpha-1antitrypsin, Alpha-1-antichymotrypsin, Alpha-fetopoptein and special stains such as PAS confirming the diagnosis of solidpseudopapillary tumor.


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