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Profile of ventilator-associated Pneumonia at the Philippine Heart Center.


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Division of Pulmonary - Philippine Heart Center

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Research Project


Background: The exact incidence of VAP varies widely depending on the case definition of pneumonia and the population being evaluated. The estimated incidence of nosocomical pneumonia intensive care units ranges from 10% to 65%; most studies show case fatality rates of more than 20%. Risk factors for VAP have been studied extensively and their importance emphasized so as to it identify patients at highest risk and target these patients for the most effective preventive strategies.

Method: A review  all adult patents' chart diagnosed with VAP by modified (CPIS) at the Philippine Heart Center on the four intensive care units from February- July 2006.

Result: A total of 187 patient's chart were reviewed. Thirty-two patients were diagnosed with VAP using the Modified Clinical Pulmonary Infection score (SPIS). The incidence of VAP for that period was (32) 17% and the mortality rate of (14) 44%. The modified CPIS was significantly higher in patient with VAP who expired (7.57 ± 0.85) compared to those were discharged (6.33 ± 0.480 with a p-value

Conclusion: Incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in our  institution was at par with other institutions. The majority of our patient with VAP had neurologic condition or post-operative. Among the risk factors, CPIS, renal failure, and elevated WBC count were associated with higher mortality.



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