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Significant effects of presence of mother during visiting time on mother-child bonding among Pediatric ICU patients.


Ma. Cristina  M. Torrente,
Carmelita A. Naral,
Maria Linda  G. Buhat

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Division of Pediatric Care - Philippine Heart Center - Philippine Heart Center

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Publication Type
Research Report


Background: Since the Pediatric ICU of PHC was established, it has been the policy of the hospital that mothers and other visitors are not allowed to go inside the intensive care unit due to its limited space and the risk of infection. Instead, the visitors were only given a 30-minute viewing time in the morning and in the evening.

The need for more holistic care arouses, as nurses understand that babies should not be treated like dolls. Even infants can respond to the external environment - they can distinguish people and voices. They choose who they want to care for them. Will prohibiting mothers to care for their critically ill infants affect the quality of nursing care?

Methods: This study measured the difference of a structured visiting time on the degree of maternal-child bonding according to three variables-eating patterns, general behavioral state, and response to contact stimuli (voice and touch). An observational tool was used by the researcher to measure the degree of maternal-child bonding. There were two groups of subjects. The experimental group was given a chance to be visited by their mother three times a day for thirty minutes while the controlled group was made to stick to the old hospital policy.

Results/Conclusion/Recommendation: Results showed that there is a significant difference on the degree of maternal-child bonding according to eating pattern and response to contact stimuli. Critically ill infants exhibited better appetite and more response to voice and touch. There is no significant effect on the general behavioral state (that is characteristic mood) of the child. More nurses also believed that allowing mothers to go inside the PICU has more advantage on the effects of nursing care given to the child.

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