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Functional independence as a predictor of the level of disaster preparedness among elderly in Barangay Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City.


Melvin A. Misterio,
Jake  D. Nazareno,
Joseph Shem M. Orongan,
Rex Francis R. Regis,
Lidiore John A. Miranda

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2016


In times of disasters the most commonly affected individual are the elderly. They are often neglected and overlooked in times of emergency situations. One of the most powerful typhoon named Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the Philippines which affected thousands of elderly individuals. In this study, it utilized a descriptive predictive design to measure predictive accuracy of functional independence towards disaster preparedness among elderly aged 60 years old and above. The study was conducted in barangay Pajac, Lapu-lapu including 260 respondents since the area is prone to calamities such as floods.

The study found out that in level of disaster preparedness, most of the elderly fall under Level 1 (Health or Mental Health Priority) had a frequency of 163 out of 260 (62.7% of the population), Level 2 (Case Management Needs) has a frequency of 78 out of 260 (30% of the population) and Level 3 (Only needs to be linked to family or friends) represented the least result showing the frequency of 19 out of 260 (7.3% of the population). Level of functional independence showed that most of the elderly in Barangay Pajac are independent it has the highest frequency (129 out of 260) which represents 49.6% of the population, Moderate independence shows the second largest having a frequency (80 out of 260) which represented 30.8% of the population, Slight dependence represented (31 out of 260) which is 11.9% of the population, Severe dependence and Total dependence showed the lowest distribution of the elderlys functional independence wherein results show 5.4% (14 out of 260) and 2.3% (6 out of 260). Meaning, there is a significant relationship between functional independence and disaster preparedness, wherein it showed a weak direct relationship, the result showed a p-value of 0.000(p-value< ) and b co-efficient of 0.045. Lastly, the accuracy of predictability of functional independence towards disaster preparedness revealed 5% (McFadden), 8.1% (Cox and Snell) and 9.9% (Nagelkerke) out of 100%, this means that the accuracy of prediction is relatively low, implying that there are other contributing factors that influenced disaster preparedness.

The study concluded that functional independence had low predictive capability towards disaster preparedness. Indicating that there was other several factors that contribute to the preparedness of an individual such as: availability of medication, financial aid, memory deficiency, chronic diseases and health insurances. The researchers recommend a seminar to the elderly population of Barangay Pajac about functional independence as a contributing factor during disasters, these would help them raise awareness to provide strategic planning and management. To the government officials, they should reach to the elderly especially to those who are living in remote areas and should allocate budget for these individuals to prepare during disasters. Lastly, to the physical therapy practitioners, for them to gear their treatment on elderly individuals towards functional independence to prepare them during disasters.And for future researchers, a study that geared towards proper disaster plan of action, disaster emergency response and strategic system of evacuation before, during and after any disaster situation. 


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