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Competence and degree of trust on safety protocols of health and disaster committee members among residents in selected barangays of Mandaue City: Basis for information dissemination.


Elijah Bjork B. Locsin,
Mary Angeli R. Acaso,
Shaira  . Asia,
Nicole Corazon M. Ceniza,
Sachiko Marie O. Malazarte,
Dadivitan Cedesamay  F. Palomo,
Reji Mari V. Paradela,
John Alvin H. Requina,
Jenilyn  C. Wencislao,
Mary Claudine E. Vasquez

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
September 2015


         This study aimed to determine the competence and degree of trust on safety protocols of health and disaster committee members among residents in selected barangays in Mandaue City. The study involved 1300 randomly selected residents from Guizo, Tipolo and Subangdaku. The distributions were as follows: 295 from Guizo, 535 from Tipolo and 470 from Subangdaku. Two research instruments were utilized in this study: (1) Competence on Safety Protocols among Health and Disaster Committee Members Questionnaire, a researcher-made tool patterned from the Guidelines of the Degree of Trust on Health and Disaster Committee Members Scale which is based from Anderson and Dedrick's Trust in Physician Scale.

      The results showed that for the level of competence on safety protocols, residents from Tipolo scored highest with a mean score of 48.4 followed by Subangdaku with a mean of 47.29 and lastly Guizo with 45.2. The mean score from Tipolo and Subangdaku were interpreted as High Level of Competence while the score of Guizo was categorized under Moderate Level of Competence. For the degree of trust on health and disaster committee member, Subangdaku got the highest mean of 42.43 categorized as High Degree of Trust. Tipolo had a mean score of 38.24 and Guizo with a mean of 37.34 interpreted as Moderate Level of Competence. Pearson correlation was carried out and revealed an r coefficient value of 0.751 and a p-value of 0.000 implying a strong positive correlation and significance of relationship between the competence and degree of trust on safety protocols of health and disaster committee members as perceived by the residents.

             Based on the findings, there is a significant relationship between the competence and degree of trust on safety protocols of health and disaster committee members among residents of selected barangays in Mandaue City. The degree of trust among the residents is increased as the competence of the health and disaster committee members are enhanced. Information dissemination and activities to maintain and enhanced implementation of safety protocols should be emphasized.


To determine the competence and degree of trust on safety protocols of health and disaster committee members among residents in selected barangays in Mandaue City.


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