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Identification of helminths in the gills of Chanos chanos (Milkfish) sold in Lahug Fishmarket Cebu City, Philippines.


Saikumar Banoth,
Prameela Kandrekula,
Govardhana Harsha Gupta Kunchaparthi,
Nazeer Baig Mogalmearja,
Arif Basha Shaik,
Kaleshwar Prasad Thirumanyam,
Mutyalunaidu Vanam,
Lydia T. Jamora

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
April 2015


      This is a descriptive classification research aimed to determine the presence of helminths specifically nematodes and platyhelminthes in the gills of Chanos chanos (milkfish) obtained from Lahug Fishmarket, Cebu city.

       A total of thirty seven samples were obtained from the seven stalls in Lahug fishmarket and were examined in three trials. These were brought to the Zoology laboratory in Cebu Doctors' University. Gills were removed and separated from each other and placed in a container with Normal Saline Solution (NSS). A drop of the resulting solution was then mounted in a slide, stained and examined under the microscope. These procedures were repeated for the second and third trial which were respectively done in December, February and April. Nematodes and platyhelminthes were detected in the first trial but negative in the second and third trial.

        The findings although positive only in the first trial, could serve as basis for discouraging people from eating raw fish because these parasites are not only limited in the gills but also in the flesh and the skin. According to Petersen, Palm, Moller and Cuzi (1993), the possibility cannot be excluded that very small stages of the parasites may be present in the flesh and the skin. It is recommended that the specific identification of helminths parasites should be done and practice sanitary measures to control parasitic infection in Fishes. The researchers also recommend to the future researchers that detection should not be limited to Chanos chanos only, examination of helminths should be done on freshly caught fishes and a more sophisticated or accurate technique should be used in detecting helminths in the gills of Chanos chanos.


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