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Level of knowledge on blood donation among the students of Mandaue City College: Basis for blood donation information campaign.


Jocevel Joy Beñanel,
Naziel Kisha Castro,
Katrina Dedumo,
Keisha Kelly Tesio,
Vincent Jed Wasawas,
Jubeelyne F. Gernale

Related Institution

College of Allied Medical Sciences - Medical Technology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical Technology
Publication Date
October 2015


          The study aimed to determine the level of knowledge on blood donation among the students of Mandaue City College enrolled for the first semester of the school year 2015-2016. The study utilized Descriptive Survey Design method and the instrument used was the Modified Survey Questionnaire on the Knowledge on Blood Donation, an adaptation of the self-structured survey questionnaire on the knowledge, attitude, and practice on blood donation by Dr. Mrigendra Amatya.

      Based on the findings acquired, 13% (58 respondents) have poor level of knowledge. Majority of the respondents showed moderate level of knowledge 58.6% (262 respondents). On the other hand, 28.4% (127 respondents) have good level of knowledge. The study also revealed that a good number of the respondents belong to 13-19 age group and most of them are females. Moreover, a 1.21 difference between the mean knowledge scores of males and females while a 0.51 difference between the mean knowledge scores of adolescents and young adults would suggest no significant relationship between the knowledge on blood donation and the demographic characteristics of the respondents. Furthermore, the respondents had a mean score of 3.99 (SD = ±1.88) for the general knowledge (44.33%) and 3.57 (SD = ±1.35) for the donor eligibility criteria (51%) in which the data implies that majority of the respondents have moderate level of knowledge while 6.62 (SD = ±1.88) for the conditions of an eligible donor who may not donate (82.75%) implies good level of knowledge. There is a mean score 1.47 (SD = ±2.17) for the long-term risks to donor (24.5%) in which under this domain, majority of the respondents have a poor level of knowledge.

          Therefore, the respondents' overall level of knowledge on general knowledge and criteria for donor eligibility is moderate. Good level of knowledge on conditions of an eligible donor who may not donate and poor level of knowledge on long-term risks to donor. Researchers recommend to conduct a similar study on a different college population utilizing an improved self-survey questionnaire that will classify respondents to non-donors and donors. It is also suggested to implement the following proposed intervention program: (1) Blood Donation Information Campaign Seminar and, (2) disseminate flyers and online ads that will inform the students about blood donation and its possible risks and benefits of donating blood.


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