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Urine RBC and WBC Studies: a comparison between the manual method and the AND THE iQ200 IRIS Automated Urine Microscopy Analyzer.


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Department of Laboratory Medicine - Philippine Heart Center

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Research Project


Background: IRIS IQ200 Automated Urine Microscopy Analyzer has been very successful in utilizing their automation to advance productivity increases with clinical judgment. The technology of IRIS IQ200 is based on image analysis software 9Auto-Particle Recognition or APR. The system is able with high confidence, to auto-classify into different categories particularly RBCs and WBCs. This study aims to determine the accuracy of IRIS IQ200 Automated Urine Analyzer in detecting RBC and WBC in urine analysis using manual microscopy as reference standard.

Method: The performance of IRIS IQ200 Urine Microscopy Analyzer in detecting RBCs and WBCs was evaluated. We randomly selected 245 urine samples which were analyzed using IRIS IQ200 and manual method to detect presence of RBCs and WBCs.

Results: IRIS IQ200 Microscopy Urine Analyzer generated a sensitivity of 97% in detecting RBC and 100% for WBC but has a low specificity in detecting WBC, which is 93%, as compared to RBC which is 97%. The false positive values (FPV) are somehow similar but the negative predictive value (FNV) the IRIS IQ200 Analyzer was 22% for RBC and 0% for WBC. Positive predictive value (PPV) for RBC is 63.2% and 75% for WBC. Negative predictive value (NPV) for RBC is 96.7% and 100% for WBC. The kappa values for both parameters are almost similar (0.532 and 0.545).

Conclusion: The ability of IRIS IQ200 in detecting RBCs and WBCs shows an acceptable level of accuracy and lay prove useful in detecting RBCs and WBCs in routine urine analysis. But, there is still the need for an efficient technologist is necessary to ensure utmost result.

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