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Femur length and other growth parameters as a marker for trisomy using a Filipino normogram from a Philippine tertiary hospital compared to standard western normogram.


Joanna Pauline C. Ursua

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Research Project


Methods:  Cross sectional study involving sonographic measurements of fetuses with trisomy and normal low risk fetuses from Filipino singleton pregnancies with a second/third trimester scan between January 201 to December 2013. Demographics for both fetuses with trisomy and normal fetuses were obtained and recorded. Ultrasonographic measurements, namely femur length (FL), biparietal diameter (BPD), head circumference (HC), occipitofrontal diameter (OFD), abdominal circumference (AC), ultrasonologic estimated fetal weight (EFW), of singleton pregnant women in the second and third trimesters, with no co-morbidities were retrieved from the centralized database system (SHAMAN) from Philippine Tertiary Hospital.

Conclusion: Femur length of fetuses with trisomy are shortr than normal fetuses and may therefore be used as a sonographic marker for trisomy. The use of a Filipino Normogram may decrease a patient's risk for trisomy since Filipino growth parameters are found to be significantly lower than a Western normogram.


The goal of this study is to determine the risk of trisomy when using an ethnicity (Filipino) derived femur length as compared to Western Normogram in a Philippine Tertiary Hospital from January 201 to December 2013.


1. A, Nadel . "Identification of Second-trimester fetuses with autosomal trisomy" , 135-140, 1994

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