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The level of satisfaction on the protective services of the residents of a Government Institution for abused children in Cebu.


Rafael A. Bacalla III,
Karl Anthony D. Busa,
Gilbert J. Cabataña Jr.,
Aila Joy C. Carido,
Robbie I. Decilio,
Jan Louie D. Gatillo,
Al-Rashder K. Regpala,
Mae Therese Z. Relampagos,
Ross Victor D. San Luis,
Marie Alyssa A. Yee,
Hycinth D. Jumalon

Related Institution

College of Medicine - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
February 2014


INTRODUCTION:  The level of satisfaction on the protective services of the residents of a government institution for abused children in Cebu

 LOCALE:  The Department of Social Welfare and Development Region VII Home for Girls which is located at Labangon, Cebu City

METHODS:  A descriptive research design with a researcher-modified, 15 Likert-type (3 points) item, the questionnaire called the Experience of Service Questionnaire (ESQ) which is short satisfaction measure designed specifically for use in child health care according to the comprehension of the respondents.

RESULT:  Majority of the respondents, which was 83%, showed that they were very satisfied despite of a notable number of negative responses. Further, 17% of the respondents were moderately satisfied with the protective services that they have received.

CONCLUSION:  With the majority of the respondents being very satisfied with the protective services that the government residential institution was providing, it was inferred that the goals and objectives of the institution set by the government were observed which needed to be maintained. However, varied negative responses have shown that there were notable areas on the protective services provided that may need further enhancement. Safety, accommodation of residents, and the children's relationship among other children were deemed vulnerable

KEYWORDS:  Level of satisfaction, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Abused children, Cebu



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