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The sedative effect of Jasminum sambac Linn. (Sampaguita) leaf alcohol-free extract solution in male Mus musculus Linn. (Albino mice).


Jebb C. Agunias,
Phyllis Kaye B. Cortes,
Marialyn S. Demegillo,
Mayshell Q. Kuizon,
Abigail Elaine A. Liang,
Ronel Allan C. Lim,
Shoji B. Mañacap,
Zul Ershad J. Taung,
Leticia G. Cabrera

Related Institution

College of Pharmacy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2007


DESIGN: This study utilizes the experimental design to determine the sedative effect  of Jasminum  sambac Linn. (Sampaguita) mature dried leaf alcohol-free extract on male albino mice.

SETTING: This study was conducted in the research laboratory of Cebu Doctors' University, Reclamation, Mandaue City. It provides the mice a well ventilated, spacious, and an adaptive climate.

PROCEDURE/INTERVENTION: The leaves were washed, air dried and pulverized. A portion was wrapped with filter paper and placed in a soxhiet  extractor and absolute alcohol was used as solvent. The extractive is subjected to rotator evaporator for an alcohol-free extract. Sedative testing followed using albino mice (20-30g) injected intraperitoneally by the computed dose basing on the weight of the mouse with positive (Phenobarbital sodium), experimental  (Sampaguita alcohol-free extract), and negative (0.9% normal saline solution). Sedative effect was determined by subjecting the treated albino mice to three criteria (righting reflex, loss of screen grip, and loss of balance) for the three trials. The data were recorded on a five-minute interval for two hours.

RESULTS: After gathering all data of the three trials, there is a significant difference  with the time onset and the period duration among positive control, experimental, and negative control on the three criteria (righting reflex, loss of screen grip, and loss of balance). Positive control group shows a faster time onset and longer period duration compared to the experimental which displayed a slower time onset and shorter period duration of sedative effect.

CONCLUSION: This study revealed that the experimental (Sampaguita alcohol-free extract) has an effect but is less effective compared to the positive (Phenobarbital sodium).


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to determine the  sedative effect of the leaf alcohol-free extract of Jasminum sambac Linn. (Sampaguita) in male Mus musculus Linn. (Albino mice).


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