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The effectiveness of Shandjell Doll dressing on t-shirt dressing skills students with moderate mental retardation ages 5-20 years old at Sunshine Center, Oprra Cebu City.


Sakina C. Cerna,
Shirley L. Completo,
Abegail  R. Gumarao,
Stella Conchitina L. Gumpay,
Nestor R. Prima  Jr.,
Jessica C. Lesigues,
Adea Mari D. Pio

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College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Occupational Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
March 2005


DESIGN: The study employed the time series method under the quasi-experimental design to determine the pre-test and post-test scores of each of the research subjects.

SETTING: The study was conducted at Sunshine Center in Oprra, Cebu City which is a private institution. It is an exclusive school that offers SPED services to students with Autism as well as Mental Retardation.

PARTICIPANTS: The subjects of the study were the Moderate Mental Retardation pupils of Sunshine Center ages 5-20 years old. Thirteen (13) subjects were chosen through purposive random sampling.

RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: The study utilized a t-shirt dressing checklist developed by the researchers.

PROCEDURES/INTERVENTIONS: The study was conducted for eight (8) days. The pretest took place on the first day. The thirteen (13) subjects were divided into two sets for the pre-test. Set A was composed of seven subjects and the remaining six subject belonged to set B.

Each subject was asked to donn and then doff a t-shirt. The T-shirt Dressing Checklist was used to record observations then a checkmark placed in the box across each task t s performed. The total score of each subject corresponded to the number of checkmarks that he or she obtained for that particular skill. Thus, each subject had a score for donning and another doffing the t-shirt.

The researcher demonstrated to the subject how to correctly donn and doff the t-shirt using the Shandjell doll. If subjects were unable to perform the instructions, therapists will again demonstrate the procedure until e allotted time of 20 minutes is consumed.

Intervention was still done during the last session, that is, the eighth day. Posttest followed after treatment.

RESULTS: After 8 sessions of respective treatment intervention, the median total number of chemarks of doffing a t-shirt during pre-test was 0 and during the post-test was 6. For donning of the t-shirt the number of checkmarks during pre-test was 3 and during post-test was 7. The significant difference between the median pre-test and post-test scores was 0.00147. therefore, there was significant difference during the intervention of the Shandjell doll  the acquisition of the T-shirt dressing skills of children with Moderate Mental retardation as compared to the time required without a dressing skill intervention.

CONCLUSION: The Shandjell Doll significantly increased the t-shirt dressing skills of children with Moderate mental Retardation.


OBJECTIVE: The main objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of SHANDJELL Doll Dressing on dressing skils of children with Moderate Mental Retardation ages 5-20 years old.


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