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The effect of body swinging on the hyperactive behavior among male hyperactive children in selected special education schools school year 1999-2000.


Jasmine P. Alfaro,
John Carlo S. Base,
Glenda D. Canete,
Floyd C. Dy,
Janine  F. Golez,
Romeo A. Martinez,
Robelyn G. Nacar,
Ruby Mae S. Soriano

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Occupational Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therpay
Publication Date
March 2000


DESIGN: Quasi-experimental

SETTING: STAGES Center and Zapatera SPED school in Cebu City; Baingate Development school and Rehabilitation Center in Tagbiliaran City of Bohol.

SUBJECTS: Twelve (12) hyperactive students enrolled in the selected SPED schools, school year 1999-2000, who were undergoing Occupational Therapy during the conduct of the study.

PROCEDURE: The researchers reviewed the OT charts and selected those patients who had hyperactivity as a problem pertinent to OT each child was observed and rated using the hyperactivity checklist (refer to Appendix B) and an average pre-test score was obtained. Body swinging was then administered to the child prior to his/her OT sessions and was again observed and rated using the same checklist; an average post-test score was then gathered. Both the pre-test and post-test scores were tabulated and summed up and compared to get their mean difference.

RESULTS: Out of the twelve subjects eleven (11) of them had decreased post-test scores as compared to their pre-test scores. The average pre-test score was 4.61. The average posttest score was 3.33. The mean difference was 1.2. T-test 6.24 was greater than the critical value of 1.765 at .05 level of significance.

CONCLUSION: The findings indicate that body swinging significantly decreased the hyperactive behavior among the male hyperactive children.


OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of body swinging on the hyperactive behavior among male hyperactive children in selected special education (SPED) schools.


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