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The effects of exercise training program on some common chronic diseases of respondents ages thirty and above enrolled at selected local gyms in Cebu City.


Janine Montesclaros,
Ma. Marissa Acharon,
Sherry Mae Rose Lo,
Queenie Ann Atillo,
Ellaquem Monterola,
Erik Locson

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College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Occupational Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
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         This purposive study is aimed at giving a descriptive overview of the effects of exercise training program on persons with Hypertensions and Type II Diabetes Mellitus enrolled at some of the local gyms in Cebu City. A descriptive method was used in conducting the study. Positive effects were brought about by the incorporation of the exercise training program into their lives as some of them also engaged in sports activities. A normalized blood pressure was seen among Hypertensive respondents. Type II Diabetes respondents observed a near to normal or normal range in blood sugar level. Engaging in an exercise training program decreases the risk of degenerative conditions brought about by the common chronic diseases already mentioned. However, some condition are laid down as to the frequency, duration, intensity as well as individual differences in such a program. The incorporation of a proper diet and nutrition is a very important component in the achievement of an effective exercise training program. Maximum benefits are experienced by all respondents who attained a more contented, reproductive, and essentially a meaningful and productive life.


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