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Comparison of gross hand function in sitting and standing position of children ages 7-12 years old with cerebral palsy.


Bryan Micah S. Lim,
Robert B. Cañares,
Jimmilda C. Tan,
Salvacion Villalino,
Marjoirie Riconalla,
Rowena Carillo,
Rochelle Encarnacion

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sceinces- Occupational Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
March 1997


       The study aims to compare the gross hand function in sitting and standing positions of children ages 7-12 years old with cerebral palsy. The researchers have considered both quantitative and qualitative performances of the study. The quantitative performance refers to the time it took the respondent to perform the activity, whereas, the qualitative performance refers to the accuracy and productive performance of the respondent. The study design in an experimental type and consists of two phases : sitting and standing positions. In each respective positions entail two activities, namely : shape sorting and peg transfer. The study was conducted in the following centers : Norfil, CDCRC-Pedia, and and Kauswagan and the respondents were children ages 7-12 y/o with cerebral palsy with a gross hand function skill. The researchers utilized a non-probability sampling of subjects particularly judgement sampling. 

       The result showed that sitting has a more effective enhancement of the gross hand function of children rather than in standing position. This enhancement was attributed the easiness of the respondent and the use of proper body mechanics. Environmental factors were also in to consideration in the performance of the tasks such as the proper ventilation and lighting present, type of furniture used, rapport established by the therapist, and the activity used. It was also determined that with the proper selection of activity tasks, the performance of the cerebral child would be better enhanced since.


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