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A profile on the perceived quality of life and current roles among Cebu Doctors' University College of Rehabilitative Sciences Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy interns for the academic year 2010-2011.


Alexa Marie L. Campilan,
Charisse Angeli G. Serafica,
Karla Mae Sagun

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Occupational Therapy Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
March 2011


Research Design: This study utilized a descriptive survey-type research design.

Research Locale: The study was conducted at the Cebu Doctors' University, #1 Dr. P.V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue, North Reclamation, Mandaue City Cebu.

Research Respondents: Sixteen CDU-CRS interns were used as research respondents, 12 PT and 4 OT interns.


Procedure: A pre-testing was done with 50 medical student interns as respondents prior to the actual survey. Approval for conducting the study and actual survey was then obtained from the Dean of the College of Rehabilitative Sciences and from the CDU Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Letters to obtain the permission of the OT and PT clinical coordinators were then sent to include their respective interns in the research study. The 16 research respondents were then gathered together to accomplish the survey questionnaires. The survey was done under the supervision of the researchers. After an hour, all the surveys were completed and then scores were tallied on the pre-formatted MS Excel sheets.

Research Instrument: The Quality of Life Survey for CDU Interns was used to determine the perceived quality of life of each research respondent. The accessible version of the Role Checklist was used to determine the current role participation of each research respondent.

Results: The most currently participated roles determined by the respondents included being a student, doing things with friends, looking after the home and doing things with family. The perceived quality of life based on the Quality of Life Survey for CDU Interns showed that 5 of 16 interns had better perceived QOL and the rest had a poor perceived QOL.

Conclusion: The researchers conclude that due to the majority of the interns having a poorer perceived QOL, there is difficulty in performing their current roles efficiently and effectively.


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