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The relevance of the nursing students' practice of changing uniforms before and after duty in infection control


Grace M. Abais,
Armi A. Alforque,
Chadd G. Arcayan,
Glendah E. Aliñabo,
Marianita M. Almase,
Maria Mae D. Bantilan,
Jose Cecilia E. Alburo,
Gale Genevieve E. Bolaron,
Herminigildo B. Abella  Jr.

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
February 1993


This research was conducted at Cebu Doctors' Hospital 4B station utilizing the experimental method, with the intention of finding out the relevance of changing clinical uniform before and after duty in infection control.

The data collection was preceded with the preliminary preparation of seeking financial assistance. The researchers coordinated with and engaged the services of the personnel of the Cebu Doctors' College of Medical Technology Department. The data collection procedure utilized was the swabbing method with the clinical uniforms of 12 nursing students assigned in 4B ward as the study subjects.

From the findings gathered, the student researchers came up with this conclusion: there is a significant mean difference in the quantity of microorganisms found in the clinical uniforms before and after exposure to the ward for 8 hours.

The student researchers recommend that the practice of changing clinical uniforms before and after duty hours be strictly implemented by the administrators of nursing schools and hospital institution so as to better achieve infection control.


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