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The relationship between the socio-economic status of the patient confined in Cebu Doctors' Hospital and the quality of nursing care received.


Lalaine Abarico,
Felicia Arriola,
Praxedes Boncales,
Eligio Camay,
Cecil Cortes,
Mary alna Gentapa,
Agnes Moonyean Losol,
Visitacion Lu,
Arlene Paqueo,
Jema Redoble,
Ma. Theresa Velez

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
January 1991


This study was aimed to determine the difference between the socio-economic status of the patient and the quality of the nursing care received.

The problem of the study is: the patient belonging to high socio-economic status received a better quality nursing care compared to patients belong to low socio-economic status. The independent variable X, is socio-economic status and the dependent variables Y, is the quality of nursing care received.

Theoritical framework deals which area received better quality nursing care in relation to patients' socio-economic status.

There were thirty respondents in our study. Fifteen belongs to the  third floor, private rooms and the other fifteen belongs to the 4A OB-Gyne and 4B Male-Female wards of Cebu Doctors' Hospital where the study was conducted. Admission to the study was based on two criterias: Which are the patient aging from 18-60 years of age regardless of age and who are occupying the 3rd floor private rooms, 4A male and female wards of Cebu Doctors' Hospital.

The results of the study tend to confirm the alternative hypothesis that there's a significant relationship between the socio-economic status of the patient and the quality of care they received.


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