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Reactions of intensive coronary care unit nurses to stress.


Cecilia Abaria,
Kima Abelgas,
Maricar Casquejo,
Inmaculada Chan

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
June 1981


This is a non-experimental study done for the purpose of finding out the physiological and psychological reactions of the Intensive Coronary Care Unit nurses to stress. This was conducted at Cebu Doctors' hospital particularly the Intensive Coronary Care Unit.

The problem of this study is :

"What are the reactions of Intensive Care Unit nurses to stress?"

Data were collected with the use of questionnaires constructed by the student researchers from 18 study subjects who have been assigned in the Intensive Care Unit for less than 2 years, without Intensive Care Unit experience abroad but had been trained in the unit. The data gathered were entered into worksheets and tallied. These data were then tabulated and the tallying marks were concerted into actual numbers. Percentages were then computed.

The findings revealed that of the seven questions on psychological reactions which include discouragement, confusion of disorganization, fear doubt, and anger, 59 or 47% of these responses were never, 51 or 40% were seldom, while 16 or 13% of the responses were occasionally. As for the physiological reactions like frequency in urination, insomnia, diarrhea, tachycardia and increase perspiration, 77 or 61% of these responses were never, 38 or 30% were seldom, 10 or 8% were occasionally and 1 or 0.8% was almost always.

Therefore, more than fifty percent of the nurses in the Intensive Care Unit never experience the physiological and psychological reactions to stress. This is followed by seldom, occasionally and almost always.

The researchers recommend that a similar study be made involving a greater number of study subjects working in the Intensive Care Unit in different hospitals or the study subjects may include nurses working in other floors or wards of the hospital.

In addition to these, they further recommend that students nurses will be used as study subject to compare the reactions of the student nurses to the professional nurses.


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