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Modular teaching and study habits of nursing students.


Regina Bulactin,
Sol Caballes,
Dulce Camay,
Rosinni Campomanes,
Loreta Encarnacion,
Sita Elizabeth Red,
Avelita Suson

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College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 1980


A non-experimental study was conducted by the student researchers. In order that the researchers can evaluated if modular teaching really affects the study habits of a nursing students, a questionnaire was made. it was distributed and was answered by the student nurses of the Zeta Class. After collecting the data, these were processed by hand and presented in statistical tables.

The results revealed that sixteen or 43% of the student nurses studied their module for less that two hours. Twenty-five or 68% of the student nurses studied their module twice a day. Only six or 16% of student study their module always after their tour of duty. Out of 37 nursing students, only 7 or 19 % are using all the references in studying their module, while 28 or 76% of the students uses two or three references in studying their module. Twenty-one or 57% of the nursing students studied their module in the library moderately: 18 or 49% of the student nurses took down notes on all modules while there are 19 or 51% study subjects took down notes in a certain module that interest them. Students who schedule their study time sometimes are 31 or 84%. Sixty-two percent or twenty-three study subjects slept late two to three times a week to study his module; 11 or 30% of the student nurses studied independently.

Therefore, the student researchers conclude that student nurses' study habits is not affected by modular teaching since there are students who learn best through readings: others learn more from pictures and films, and still others must hear in order to understand.

The student researchers recommend that a further study be conducted to replicate this, research work. A follow-up study can be made to compare the results of this king of teaching. The group recommend that the questionnaires for the next follow-up study must be improved so that it will be valid. The students researchers also suggest that the respondents of the questionnaire be made aware their answers must be honest to make the study reliable


This study is an attempt to know whether modular teaching affects the study habits of a nursing student.

The problem is:

"What are the effects of modular teaching to the study habits of nursing students?"


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