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Oral intake of grated and masticated unripe papaya: Its effects on tonsillitis among children.


Romil M. Alvar,
Joey R. Costelo,
Gwendolyn A. Gerona,
Iris P. Manansala,
Vivian Aimee N. Mondigo,
Love Joy V. Roa,
Carmel Marie Z. Simolde,
Kathy L. Yray,
Annie Rizah A. Yuson

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
February 1996


This is an experimental research study which sought to determine the effects of oral intake of grated and masticated unripe papaya on tonsillitis among children. The study subjects were all residents of Guadalupe of Cebu City. They were selected by non-probability purposive sampling considering preset criteria.

There was a control group and an experimental group. The composition of which was allocated respectively by random assignment.

The control group did not receive any treatment. The experimental group were given the papaya treatment. The subjects were not allowed to take orally any substance within an hour after each dose of treatment.

All study subjects' tonsillitis conditions were assessed before and after two-day treatment.

The mean resolution time of tonsillitis among study subjects treated with unripe papaya was 71.1325 while those without treatment was 73.1475. T-test results showed that there was a significant mean difference in the resolution time of tonsillitis among study subjects treated with unripe papaya and those without treatment of about 2.015 hours.

Therefore, the researchers conclude that tonsillitis of study subjects treated with unripe papaya resolved earlier than those without treatment.


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