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Implementing the information, education, and communication campaign plan for legislative advocacy and awareness campaign for the Technology Transfer Bill- phase II


Albert P. Aquino,
Aristotle P. Carandang

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Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development

Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development

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Research Project
March 1, 2009-March 1, 2010


The DOST Technical Working Committee (TWC) on Technology Transfer and its information, Education, and Communication (IEC) group planned and carried out a number of initiatives for the promotion and advocacy of the "Technology Transfer Act of 2009", a landmark legislative proposal now awaiting the approval of the President that lays the framework for the productive technology transfer efforts in the country.

For 2009, the IEC group successfully sustained its coordinated press releases and coordination. These activities were able to drumbeat to the media and enhance awareness to stakeholders and legislators on the need for a technology transfer policy. These efforts contributed largely to the legislative success gained at the Senate despite procedural impediment.

However, it is recognized that the pace of legislative work cannot be rushed owing to the hectic demands on our legislators. For this reason, the members of the TWC and the IEC group have taken it upon themselves to adjust to the limited windows of opportunities being opened to directly confer with legislators especially from the Senate.

On the whole, the project is shaping up to be a case study for harmonious interagency coordination and collaboration. It is worth noting that all agencies and personalities involved in this project generously contributed their time, efforts, and resources to achieve a common goal.

This first quarter of 2010, the TWC and PCARRD are optimistic that the Technology Transfer Bill will be enacted into a full-fledged national statute that shall be known as the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 that would ultimately drive our national innovation to become another powerhouse in the region.

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