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General well-being of Cebu Doctors' College students undergoing progressive resistance training.


Cristina C. Genosa,
Emelie F. Jumao-as,
Mieljoy A. Kaindoy,
Clint D. Diocampo,
Ramonita S. Peñaflor,
Patrick J. Rivera,
Kenneth C. Stucki,
Villalyn E. Villacencio

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
September 1997



General: To determine the general well-being of Cebu Doctors' College students undergoing progressive resistance training (PRT). 

Specific: To determine the profile of the study subjects according to their current health, prior health, health worry/concern, resistance/susceptibility to disease, their relationship with their schoolmates and finally, their relationship with other members of their family. 

Design: Descriptive survey.

Setting: Cebu Doctors' College.

Subjects/Participants: 35 students who are currently undergoing Progressive Resistance Training; 5 students taken from each of the seven colleges (College of Optometry, Dentistry, etc.) at Cebu Doctors' College.

Procedures/Intervention: Questionnaire administered to the 35 study subjects, the data was then collected tabulated, and analyzed.

Research Instrument Measures: Health Perception Questionnaire-by John E. Ware.

Results: Of the 35 respondents, 74% perceived themselves as having very good to excellent prior health. Eighty-three percent (83%) of the respondents felt that their health condition was from very good to excellent. 63% of the study subjects seldom worry about their health. Seventy-seven percent (57%) felt that their resistance to illness and disease fell along the range of good to very good. 51% have a very good relationship with their schoolmates, while the majority (74%) of the students maintain and excellent relationship with other members in their respective families.

Conclusion: The Cebu Doctors' College students undergoing (PRT) perceived themselves to have very good to excellent general well-being and good to excellent ability to overcome sickness.


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