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The Efficacy of Povidone-Iodine vs 70% AcohoJ vs . N0rmaJ Saline in the Prevention of Post-operative Wound Infection Among \Vomen Whn Underwent Emergency or ELective OB/Gyne Abdominal Surgery at Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center.


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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

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Research Report



Background of the study:

Infection is a major factor that postpones wound healing. Many reports indicate
important role of washing solutions on preventing wound infections and cleansing is a
vital component of wound management. The role of local application of betadine and
70% alcohol will be evaluated in preventing post-operative wound infection. Normal
sterile saline is also regarded as the most appropriate and preferred cleansing solution
because it is a nontoxic, isotonic solution that does not damage healing tissues. 1,2

Healing of wounds, whether from accidental injury or surgical intervention,
involves the activity of an intricate network of blood cells, tissue types, cytokines and
growth factors. This results in increased cellular activity. which causes an intensified
metabolic demand."

But prror to undertaking any surgical procedure, it is the responsibility of the
primary investigator to ensure that the staff carrying out those procedures are
adequately trained in the correct aseptic technique and that anesthesia and pre­
operative prophylactic antibiotic are provided to the patient. Patients ages 15-60 years
old who have undergone elective or emergency abdominal surgery admitted at OB­
Gyne charity ward BGHMC will be included in this prospective study. All wounds will be
followed up for 1, 3, 5 days post-op and 1week after discharge, and during each
observation classic signs of Infection will be recorded for each patient.

This study will be conducted to evaluate the comparative incidence rate of wound

infection following their treatment with betadine, 70% alcohol and normal saline.

Setting: Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

Study Design: Prospective Study

Population: Women who will undergo abdominal surgery with specific age


Objectives: :


The general objective of the study is to compare the efficacy, acceptability,
and safety of Povidone-Iodine, 70% Alcohol and Normal Saline solution as a
post-operative wound cleanser.


1. To compare the wound infection rate among women who have
undergone various types of abdominal surgery using normal saline,
70% alcohol and betadine.

2. To compare the acceptability of normal saline, 70% alcohol and
betadine as an antiseptic wound cleanser of women who have
undergone abdominal surgery.

3. To compare the safety and tolerability of the three solutions when used
as wound cleanser to prevent post-operative wound cleanser.

4. To describe the surgical operation according to to details such as the
level of training of the surgeon, duration of operation and estimated
blood loss.


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